Baltimore Be Bullish

An adventure to travel every mile of Baltimore's streets on foot.

Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something."

Be Bullish on Baltimore.


Early in 2018, I had the idea to run every mile of road in Baltimore City. I don’t know why that was something I wanted to do, but the idea of covering every single mile of street within the roughly 92 square miles of this city stuck with me. I mentioned it to a few friends who thought it was a cool , albeit somewhat ridiculous idea. At the time, I didn’t listen to them and ended up deciding it was a bit daunting for 2018. It seemed like a lot of running, and I suppose it IS a lot of running.

But it’s almost a new year, and after watching the legendary Rickey Gates rapidly polish off his own “Every Single Street” project, conquering the entirety of San Francisco in about 40 days, I felt lame for letting the idea slide. It’s not a new idea to the world. Rickey didn’t come up with it but he’s definitely gently nudged others to get to know their city in this way. To be fair, Rickey took on San Francisco in around a month. Rickey is a professional runner, and a great one at that…I am not.

I am, however, a huge fan of my city. Anyone who remembers the podcast and blog that used to populate these pages will know that. And while there is no active podcast associated with the name “Baltimore Be Bullish,” I decided to keep the title, because it means something to me. You have to Be Bullish about something to travel every single inch of its streets, so the name stays. Beyond that though, a big reason behind this project is simply that, as passionate as I am about Baltimore, there’s a ton of it I haven’t actually seen with my own eyes. Somehow, the easiest way for me to fix that is to run there.

This will most definitely not be a 40 day process. In fact, i’m entirely uncertain and unconcerned with how long it will take. The point isn’t to get through Baltimore as quickly as I can, the point is to experience my home in a different way; that could take a year or far longer.

The blog will be populated with photos from the run, brief entries and reflections, and whatever else seems to be important from these runs. Each run will be captured with Strava and entered into the blog so, should you somehow be interested, you can see where I’ve been. I know there will be epic friends along the way who will be as passionate and excited about this as I am, and I hope to feature them as much as possible. The only reason to have a platform like this is to highlight the things I stumble upon. Ultimately I hope Baltimore Be Bullish is used more by and for others than for me.

Ultimately, this adventure is just a trial in “lets see what happens.” My ultimate goal in all of this is to keep the focus on how weird, exciting and wonderful this city can be. I’m excited to take in all of that wonder and excitement, step by step.

Oh…also…if it’s ok by you, I may walk a bit sometimes.

Instagram: @baltimorebebullish