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Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 


The suggested $1-15 dollars you donate for Geoff's community classes go right back to providing more opportunity for city youth. After school the gym is open for any kid who can find his or her way there. The goal is to "strengthen Baltimore's youth" but the way in which this is accomplished extends far beyond just physical fitness.

It took us a while to get the full story out of Geoff because, as we said, he's not one to boast. But Geoff, MissionFit founder Wendy Wolock and the rest of the Mission fit team are committed to creating a safe space for kids where it's possible for them to feel healthy and supported. Listen to the podcast to get the full story and then head to to learn how to get involved.

We met Geoff thanks to an email from someone who said we had to "check out this place called MissionFit." We tend to follow up on these suggestions, so keep them coming, we love it. 

Geoff Blake doesn't like to boast about the work he does, so we decided we had to do it for him. If you go to  you'll see that Geoff is listed as a coach but that's an unbelievably modest description of what Geoff does for this non-profit gym. Geoff and his team have been providing free fitness classes for youth in the city for the past 8 months, along with donation based drop in classes for people of all ages. MissionFit's mission is to "build community among our city's youth" while "fostering self confidence and strength in our gym using physical fitness."

Most days the MissionFit gym, situated above an auto body shop in Remington, is filled with a broad spectrum of individuals. From middle school kids playing dodgeball to adults receiving personal training, all of the activities that go on in the gym go towards supporting the mission of the gym.