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Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 

AMPLIFYING COMMUNITY: A Tour of the Baltimore Community ToolBank with Noah Smock

Our interview with Noah Smock, the Executive Director of the Baltimore Community ToolBank, came together perfectly. We met Matt Williams when he reached out to us about our Be Bullish shirts. So of course, we invited him for beer at Butt's and Betty's. Then we interviewed him in an elevator shaft at Light City. Then Matt said, "I have someone I want you to interview."  A few days later, we were at the Baltimore Community ToolBank, talking trash grabbers, shovels and how the ToolBank, (one of only ten of its kind in the country) is helping to "amplify" community organizations all over the city (and beyond). In essence, the way we arrived at BCTB is exactly the way we envisioned Be Bullish working when we conceived of it. Word of mouth referrals & the best of Baltimore from the people that live here.

Noah is a wealth of knowledge about the hundreds of awesome community organizations throughout our city. The ToolBank works with many of those organizations to provide tools and materials for various initiatives all over town. Instead of charging expensive rental fees for tools (or worse yet, forcing organizations to purchase tools, elevating startup costs) Noah and his team have created an easy, affordable way for organizations to access the materials they need. Whether it's shovels, generators, tables or a megaphone,  Noah amplifies the potential of organizations all over Baltimore. We had the opportunity to tour the ToolBank and get the scoop directly from Noah.  Check them out here and check out our blog page for the extended photo album from our trip!