Baltimore Be Bullish

The Best of Baltimore from the people who live here.

Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 

GUERRILLA-CAST: 120 seconds of observing Patrick Rife & Nic China at work at Pixilated HQ

The Be Bullish Crew doesn't exactly facilitate an efficient work environment...but at least we amuse ourselves. However, once we actually sat down with Patrick and began to talk Baltimore and Bullishness, we produced some pretty sound, interesting audio. Nic, Patrick and the whole Startup Soiree community have a pretty damn bullish take on their city and we're happy to be a part of it. 

Stay tuned for the full audio from our interview with Patrick and make sure to check out some of the other great Startup Soiree interviews. Lots more guerilla-casting to come, and don't forget to listen in on  some of our most recent interviews!

As always, everyone have a Bullish Day!

Last week Patrick Rife of Pixilated and Startup Soiree had us in his own studio to record the Startup Soiree Podcast. Naturally, turning the reigns over to someone else isn't always easy, so the Bullish Crew indulged in a few minutes of what we're now calling "Guerrilla-casting." It's like Podcasting except you do it at inappropriate times and you largely talk about nothing. While we were recording 2 minutes of ridiculous audio where we speculate on time travel, what a real "fire-wall" would look like and our plans for our upcoming interview, Nic China and Patrick (co-owners of Pixilated and Startup Soiree) attempted to work diligently on their weekly calendar.