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Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 

AUDIOBITES: Jermaine Bell of Impact Hub

 At the moment he's using his background in design and advertising to help local businesses and non-profits, like the Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, brand themselves for success. It's definitely one of the highlights of this Audiobite, but in general Jermaine is an absolute wealth of knowledge and recommendations.  Listen closely  to learn about some of the badass events going on and local artists and thinkers Jermaine gets to run with. 

You can find Jermaine on social media as @JTBeezwax. You can also find some of his awesome prints on Etsy or this Friday night, May 20, at the SunSets event at Impact Hub. Check the man out!

Jermaine Bell has a deep passion for this city. Let's go ahead and call him Bullish. Jermaine is a Baltimore native, MICA graduate and one of those dudes who seems to know everyone and be involved in everything. Jermaine, a Baltimore Corps fellow, is the Program & Marketing Director at Impact Hub where he plays a key role in scheduling events and pulling in world class speakers with a range of expertise. We've attended several talks at Impact Hub and we can't recommend them highly enough. It was a privilege to get to sit down with Jermaine and learn about his approach towards booking speakers, his work in the community and his deep concern for the welfare of his city.