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Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 

5 MINUTES AFTER EATING THE MENU: Ghadeer of "Always Sunny Sugarcane Juice and Crepes"

So of course when Zeke Cohen posted in a neighborhood Facebook group about Always Sunny, a new Creperie in Highlandtown, we decided we needed to go check it out.  We could have carried on with our Sunday and continued binge watching Netflix...but then that wouldn't have been very Bullish of us now would it have been?

A few hours later we dropped in on Always Sunny and its lovely owner Ghadeer, who patiently whipped up crepes for us and all of our friends. This trip turned out to be dinner, dessert and a few minutes of golden audio. Ghadeer and the Bullish crew talk crepes, starting a business and why she and her brothers chose Baltimore. Enjoy and remember to Stay Bullish.

Check out Always Sunny's Facebook page here.

The great thing about Baltimore Be Bullish is that ultimately this entire project is about a change of mentality and it's that mentality that puts us in interesting places with interesting people. This isn't just an effort to expose people to greatness in Baltimore; it's really an effort to change how we all think  about and interact with our city

The main idea actually came from our own desire to say yes more often, see more of our town, meet exciting individuals and to encourage other people to do the same. If you never read this blog or listen to our #audiobites again that's fine. Our hope is that the few episodes you DID listen to will encourage you to explore a bit more and say yes more often.