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Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 

AUDIOBITES: LA Finfinger on Couches (Literally), Community and Yoga At Second Chance

If you haven't already figured it out, Be Bullish is our initiative focused on having fun by exploring people and places in our city, and talking about them in places we find interesting. On Saturday, our good friend LA Finfinger joined us in one of those places, Second Chance Inc. Feelings about Second Chance found here. (Spoiler alert: very strong, positive feelings). We love LA for lots of reasons. She founded Free Baltimore Yoga, and is spreading free yoga all over this city. (Hey yoga teachers, LA wants to fill this city with accessible yoga, she's only one person...yep, you know what to do). Second, just like the Dovecote crew, (lotta love there), LA is new to Baltimore and has managed, in a very short time, to find and build an amazing community. This speaks not only to LA's stellar personality, but also to our city. Come here as a new person, impassioned with an idea, and there is a community that will help you thrive. So listen up, as we run around the Second Chance Inc. testing pianos,crashing oncouches, and talking seriously about "yoga" studio spaces, maroon versus bordeaux, community, and challenges of offering a free service to the world. Speaking of free, these audiobites are brought to you by Reggie of Second Chance, and his little lifehack nugget about the upcoming "free days" (yes, this means lots of stuff for free) on March 18th at Second Chance.