Baltimore Be Bullish

The Best of Baltimore from the people who live here.

Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 


This week's audio comes from our resident Baltimore historian, Jimmy Bigwood. We know what you're thinking; "Be Bullish has a resident historian? How does one even go about getting a resident historian?" That's a good question and honestly, we're not sure. All we know is that Jimmy is one of the most fascinating people we know and truly a Bullish individual. When you ask Jimmy, "so do you think you'll stay in Baltimore?" you get a blank stare, a hearty chuckle and robust "of course!" Jimmy is that type of dude. 

So, after a few beers at one of our favorite corner bars (Butts and Betty's) and a long conversation about where the real "Fells Point" actually is we decided we wanted to take an adventure. Jimmy is a wealth of knowledge on all sorts of subjects, (many of which will be touched upon in longer, more in depth podcasts) but we made the excellent decision of lobbing him a history softball right off the bat. "Hey Jim, where is the oldest house in Baltimore?" we asked. That's where the adventure began. 

As in turns out, The Robert Long house is just a brief walk from Butts and Betty's and we guarantee many of you have walked by it hundreds of times after a late night in the Fells Point neighborhood. Whether or not you have acknowledged the oldest surviving residence within city limits is a different matter...this is what Jimmy Bigwood is for. 812 S. Ann Street is the current address. Although we arrived at an off hour on a Sunday and were unable to take a tour, we have started to look into some of the history of the Robert Long House

Jimmy and the Be Bullish squad will be providing you all with more information in the future, but in the meantime go ahead and listen to the audio, introduce your ears to Jimmy and then go ahead and follow him on Instagram @Jbigwood2. More in depth, Bullish reporting to come from this crew and keep an eye out for the "Who is Robert Long?" blog post!


Stay Bullish y'all.