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Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 

5 MINUTES ON A PARK BENCH: Michelle Bond of Bottoms Up Bagels

When we said we planned to interrogate people for our podcast, we meant it. Last Friday at the ripe hour of 7am, with the thermometer bouncing around freezing, we hosted our first willing victim. Michelle Bond, founder of Bottoms Up Bagels, joined us for a little chat on a park bench in Patterson Park. She gracefully answered as we fired away questions about bagel pairings. Ever tried a kimchi bagel sandwich? Paired with a nice fermented kombucha?Didn't think so. We have and it's really damn good. Fortunately you can get yours this week at Michelle's Bottoms Up Bagel pop-up!  Michelle has now become our resident Be Bullish bagel expert. (Thanks Michelle, we hope that's cool with you). Dying to know what goes best with a Boh? You'll have to listen... 

P.S: The upside of doing your podcast from a park bench in Patterson Park is that people come by while walking their dogs, strike up lovely morning conversations and have no idea that they are audio bombing your podcast. It's authentic...roll with it! We'll never change!