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What's with the Bagels?: Bottoms Up Bagels

Today Be Bullish finally got itself down to the "Bottoms Up Bagels popup. If you recall, on Monday we aired the first of our 5 minute series, this one taking place on a park bench with Michelle Bond, one of the founders of Bottoms Up. If you didn't listen to that 5 minute piece, go back and learn up on what kind of apple juice is best paired with an everything bagel. Bottoms Up Bagels has been camped out at the Pixilated Federal Hill art gallery all week  and has been distributing high quality bagels to the masses. You've got one more day to get down there, so get to it!

Keep an eye on Bottoms up Bagels  in the coming months in order to track them down at more locations. They'll be popping up around the city to give you delicious bagels whenever possible. Please, go support them. They're Bullish on this city. Baltimore could use some damn good bagels.