Baltimore Be Bullish

The Best of Baltimore from the people who live here.

Bullish: "Being confident or optimistic about something." We're Bullish on Baltimore. 

What's with the shirts?

The idea for Baltimore Be Bullish came from a number of places, one of those places being this article. We had been hunting for a clear, concise way of summing up our feelings about Baltimore and when that article rolled our way we decided we had found it. After doing some more research on the phrase and its usage we decided that, if anything, we were without a doubt "Bullish on Baltimore."

Pretty soon, that simple idea spread to other things, namely these t-shirts. The idea for the podcast came first but shortly after we decided that if we were going to urge others to Be Bullish on Baltimore that we aught to literally wear it on our chest. The first shirts were ordered and we casually started wearing and posting about them. One thing lead to another and now, thanks to some help from volunteers and good friends, these shirts are available to Baltimore's most bullish individuals. Just send us an email @ You can tell us a story too.

Simply put, these shirts are about spreading a mindset in our city and someday hopefully across the country and the world. The crew behind Baltimore Be Bullish knows that our city needs help in many ways. So, while we seek to contribute to the betterment of our city in a variety ways during our daily lives, Baltimore Be Bullish itself is focused on pride of place and dedication to our city. Our hope is that the individuals who decide to wear a shirt are the individuals who see Baltimore as their home and want to invest themselves in its betterment. 

 Baltimore Be Bullish will always be about the people in this town who make a difference, whether that's a friendly bartender, a community center director or the founder of a local theater. These shirts are about loving what we've got and ultimately moving away from the perpetuation of a bleak image of our city. We believe that by encouraging city residents to take time from their day to learn about each other, we can truly instill some change as a united citizenry. 

We wear shirts because we like it here. We try to talk our friends into moving here,  into buying houses here, into supporting our local communities and businesses. We don't like big box stores, we don't like burger chains. We like the people that live here and what they represent. We wear shirts because we want to share that.

Ultimately, the shirts are just a small gesture but they're a small gesture we'll stand behind. So whether or not you ever wear a shirt or have any interest in wearing one, we need you on the team. It's our home and we're pretty damn bullish about it.